In terms of research, I am predominantly devoted to statistical mechanics, especially its non-equilibrium version. Amongst currently existing approaches, I start with stochastic thermodynamics(ST) with applications in active matter. The aim is to describe non-equilibrium thermodynamics in terms of stochastic processes and quantify the irreversibilities using entropy production rates. At this point, I am working on my PhD project on collective behaviours of pulsating active matter under the supervision of Dr. Etienne Fodor at University of Luxembourg.

  • M. Res at ENS Paris
    Before this, under the supervision of Prof. Damien Laage at ENS Paris, I had worked as an intern both on a full-time and a part-time basis for 3 semesters on the reorientation dynamics of water molecules next to charged graphene interfaces, and then did a reading internship with Dr. Maria Rodriguez Martinez at IBM Research Zurich on deep learning interpretability as my master thesis.

  • B. Sc in Xiamen University
    When I was an undergraduate at Xiamen University, China, I spent my after-class time working in Prof. Hongping Zhu's Lab. As an experimental chemist, I worked on synthesis and reactivity of Ge-B Frustrated Lewis Pair(FLP) Compounds.